Friday, December 14, 2018

Desert Medicine

This is the place that inspires the creative side of me.  It makes me feel like a poet, but at the same time, robs me of words.

Bridger Jacks, South and North Six Shooter from the 211

 It's the place I've gone to heal, and to grow; to unplug and commune.  The most beautiful thing about this place is that everyone has their own special connection with it.  I've seen relationships blossom here, broken hearts healed, friends finding their fire and passion, others seeking peace and solitude.

The slow flow to the way of life allows one to appreciate the little things, and lead a very intimate existence with nature and with the other desert rats that gather here.

Dirtguys on Halloween, Kaya Lindsay photo

I was explaining to someone this season that I have a crush on every one of my friends.  Not a "tee-hee, they're so cute" crush, but a tangible love for each individual, their story and the unique bonds between each of us.  This family I gather with for a few months of the year provides the qualities of a healthy relationship without the messiness of romance and my life is certainly richer for it.

There is a level of intimacy between people here, we are all so open about our platonic affection for each other.  Every day is full of hugs, laughter and "I love you"s.  I regularly wonder what it is that makes us all this open and vulnerable.  Is it the place?  The type of people who make a point to be here season after season? I'm not sure I know the answer, but over the years, spending time in this desert has allowed me to open up, and embrace my softer, gentler side.

Even on rest days, we'll find something to climb on, Kaya Lindsay photo

So consider this my thank you letter.  Thank you for being there, dirtguys and gals.  Thank you for laughing with me, crying with me, finding strength and facing fears.  Thank you for listening, and for caring.  Thank you, mamma earth, for the soft sand and sharp bushes.  Thank you for the sun and the stars and the frosty mornings.  Thank you for the coyote lullabys that echo off the orange cliffs and the whispy white clouds that float through the vast blue sky.  Thank you to the people who called this home generations before I stood here; who left their mark on the cliffs and in the canyons.  I hope we can continue to preserve the rich history you have left behind, in this special desert paradise.

North Six Shooter as seen from South Six Shooter

"Why be formal when you can be fabulously feral?"  - Simon Doonan

**Special thanks to Kaya (@onechicktravels) for an excellent collection of Halloween photos!**