Thursday, January 17, 2013

Working for the weekend

After another week night climbing session I walked back to my office across campus.  Even at 5:30 there are people everywhere; groups of dark bodies moving in and out of the fog.  All people that seem happy to be here, more or less.  I don't know if I can relate.  The things that get me to campus every day are the climbing sessions or the workout I have planned for midday.  The maps that desperately beg for my attention and the proposal I need to finish are hardly the motivation that they should be.

Every day, like a machine, I drag myself here.  I stare at a screen, write a few paragraphs and tinker with my map, but my mind is elsewhere.  The windows open on my computer are the weekend weather report for Bend, Mountain Project, trip reports and a ski video on youtube.  The weekend is when I live; the week is when I survive. 

On the lift at Mt Hood Meadows
 Mt. Hood Meadows with the family
 A tour from New Years at American Ridge Lodge

The view towards Morse Creek from American Ridge
The ski hill from the American Ridge Lodge
Mt. Jefferson from the top of Mt. Hood Meadows
Mt. Rainier from White Pass, Washington
A tree after an ice storm at Mt. Hood Meadows
Mt. Shasta from Grey Butte, it was a frigid weekend that started off the quarter right.

Lauren and I at Shasta.  We spent last weekend skiing here in the single digit but sunny weather.

Now I have a day to finish my weekly deadlines.  This was the last of my procrastinations . . . I promise.

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