Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Solo, Part 1

I haven't written in almost a year.  I wish I could say it's because I moved to a new town full of new adventures and didn't have the time.  It is more likely that after finishing my thesis the thought of writing even one more sentence was nauseating.  I never wrote about the Grand Climbing Road Trip, getting kicked out of Yosemite during the government shutdown, living in a truck and being blissfully poor and unemployed for a glorious two months.  Not about the Winter of No Snow which was also the Season of Seemingly Endless Spring Powder Days.

Half Dome, Pre Government Shutdown

Scarface, 5.11, Indian Creek, Utah

Canyonlands National Park, during Government Shutdown

Ancient Art, 5.8, Fischer Towers, Utah

Summit to Bar in 2 hours

Speaks for itself.

I think the answer is a little of both.  Between work and play, I manage to spend less time in front of the computer; this is good.  Unfortunately,  between work and student load payments, I didn't spend as much time going on epic adventures either.  This summer I have seemingly found the perfect balance of work and play.  Yoga in the morning, play all day, work nights, sleep, repeat.

Saturday Climbing at Klinger Springs

Paddle Board Yoga... It's a thing.

If you look past late nights, tired feet, unpleasant customers (they are few, luckily) and kitchen temperatures approaching that of the surface of the sun, it's a charmed life.  I've enthusiastically jumped into sports new and old: mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, over-aggressive trail running and yoga in every imaginable location.  I've managed to climb once a week at least and spend plenty of time drinking beer in the sun. 

Biking Surveyors Ridge

Playing up at Mt Hood

 The thing about a new town... it's not always easy to meet new people.  While Peter spent his summer wearing a dirty trench up and down Mt. Rainier, I remembered how great it is sometimes to fly solo.

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