Sunday, June 23, 2013


I did a really bad job of keeping the blog updated last month.  I did a lot of things, but I worked a lot too.  So here's a quick catch up in photos from the frenzied month of May!

I went to Death Valley.....

Hills above Panamit Valley.

A hazy evening

Old Mine Structure

Amazing low angle fault.

The lowest point in North America, 87 meters below sea level I think...

Students hiking up a canyon.

Elf Canyon, a cave through a fault.

Badlands from Zabriskie Point.

Students hike out to the lookout at Dante's View.

Nyle at Dante's View

An old mine shaft in Mormon Canyon.

Lunch overlooking Titus Canyon.

Climbing around.

Students at the bottom of Titus Canyon.

Polished rock in Mosaic Canyon.

How'd I get up there? Marli Miller Photo.
The mouth of Mosaic Canyon.
The next weekend I floated the Willamette.  Something to tick off my Eugene to do list!

The next weekend was another field trip to the Upmqua folds along the South fork Umpqua river.

Folds in the rock along the bank.

Students working.
The next day I went whitewater rafting for the first time on the North Fork Umpqua.

Mindy is ready to go.

Michael and Zane kayaking.

Extra stoked.

Tree across the river, PLUS a steel cable.

The hole in the center surfed us for a bit.



Paddling with some new friends.
I turned 25!!!

Then I went home for my grandmother's 90th birthday.

Young and old.


Candi modeling one of grandma's old dresses.

Grandma's old square dancing dress.

She loved it.

Collin getting some bubbles.

Cynthia in the hammock

Hike up Badger Mt. the next day.
The next weekend I visited Smith with Mindy and Michael.

Snake friend.

A perfect evening.

I think I'd call it a success.  May never fails to be amazing.

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